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2014 Program

Hannah Raisin and Will Heathcote: Bark & Bristle

Opens 6pm, Friday 21 March
Friday 21 March - Saturday 12 April

Hannah Raisin and Will Heathcote’s exhibition Bark and Bristle playfully ponders the complex and diverse relationships between people and their surroundings. The work aims to physically explore the territory between controlled and uncontrolled environments, identifying a wealth of material in typical projections of the Australian outback. Operating both collaboratively and individually the artists will showcase a body of new work developed during recent months spent working in the broader Alice Springs region.

Hannah and Will will also be undertaking a Travelling Artist Studio Residency at Watch This Space during their exhibition dates. Hannah and Will's project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.

To learn more about Hannah and Will's fabulous works, click on the links:

Hannah's Website

Will's Website

Hannah & Will's Joint Blog


WHEN: 8.15pm, April 10th, 2014
WHERE: Watch This Space Gallery, 4/9 George Crescent, Alice Springs

When Colin Lillie and Dave Crowe from Alice Springs decided to form a songwriting group, in their shed, they had no idea it would lead to the full-blown rock outfit Shadows on Blue. Drawing on sounds from the Manchester scene and modern indie/folkesters such as Mumford and Sons, Shadows on Blue brings a different kind of rock from the red centre and sees two worlds collide with Colin’s Scottish origins and Dave’s Aussie heritage.

The two got together to work on Lillie's acoustic songs in Crowe's Alice Springs shed/studio. Weirdly, on this day, a rare weather pattern created a rainbow around the sun, known as the 'sun's halo'. With this in mind, they grabbed an electric guitar and a vintage synth and soon discovered a synergy and a sound. They realised how easy it was to work together, and recorded the first single. 'Hold on' is a story of optimism and friendship, and a sense of belonging - in essence, their feelings towards Alice Springs and the Northern Territory. There is an undeniable magic as Lillie's heart-on-his-sleeve vocal combines with Crowe's sonic wizardry in the studio. The song was mixed in Alice Springs and finished off in New York by Greg Calbi.

The single launch will directly follow the Emerging Artists Workshop at the gallery on April 10th.

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Image Credit: Alice Buscombe, 'Colin and Dave,' Digital Image, 2014

The Emerging Artist Program

The Alice Springs Songwriters Collective
Sundays, 3pm, commencing from 16th February

A weekly group for local songwriters to meet, share ideas and discuss songwriting. The group is open to songwriters of all ages and levels of experience. The group also welcomes anyone who may be considering writing their first song or are just interested in contributing to the discussion or simply listening in! The group is run by local musicians Dave Crowe and Colin Lillie.

We have an open Facebook page for group members to communicate:

Selena DeCarvalho
The Hidden Bones of an Ordinary Life
Wednesday 30 April – Friday 16 May
“I had a flashback of something that never existed” -Louise Bourgeois. Selena will present works that explores the distance and the tension between the lived experience and the archived memory of experience, responding to neurological science that shows memories leave a physical trace in your brain. Research demonstrates that the more that you access a memory the more it changes, as each time you ‘remember’ it is re-written neurologically, thus straying from the primary experience. Works will be projected using numerous micro devices, some will be installed within found objects on small screen playbacks.

Akiq AW
Artback NT: Arts Development & Touring, International Artist In Residence Exhibition

NB- All dates to be confirmed.

Gallery Artist In Residence: Collaborate/kerasama
Friday 23 May - Thursday 5th June.
During his first international arts residency to Alice Springs, Akiq AW explores the concept of private and public ‘borders’. Works will continue to be developed in the gallery space over a two week period leading up to the opening of the exhibition

Exhibition Title: Collaborate/kerasama
Opening 6-8pm on Friday 6 June
Until 21 June

“The term ‘border’ refers to a conceptual line that divides or separates multiple aspects that exist in social life; private from public, rural to urban, us from them, necessary to disposable, lawful from criminal. ‘Borders’ exists in different shapes and manifestations; they may be a system of signs or a spatial arrangement, and they live in our consciousness, a collective understanding and agreement on everything. Collaboration with participants to create a series of personal maps of border: including photographs and videos of reconstruction and documentation of existing borders in the town’s landscape.”

Travelling Artist Residency: Nicole Bowller
16 June - 25 July

A love of portraiture, a desire to collect contemporary myth and an exploration of land informs Nicole's current artistic practice. During her up-coming residency at Watch this SPACE Nicole will extend her drawing and painting practice, interrogating both figure in the landscape and studio portraiture. Members of the community will be invited to sit for Nicole and share a personal myth or story.

Two Photography Exhibitions Running Concurrently
Opens 6pm, Friday 27 June
Until 19 July

River Skins
Alex Gillespie

*Title Coming Soon*
Rhett Hammerton

More information coming soon.

The Watch This Space Members Show
Opens 6pm, Friday 1 August
Until 30 August

More information coming soon.

Free BBQ Cash Giveaway
A project initiated by Alex Hullah and Josh Davis

Friday 6th - Saturday 27 September
More information coming soon.

Curated by Mel Robson and Suzi Lyon

Opens 6pm Friday 10 October
Until Saturday 1 November

The exhibition TOUCH explores ideas of process and practice in contemporary art. It aims to explore the nexus between artist and audience, maker and viewer, through community engagement in the making and exhibiting of many hundreds of small clay pinch pots.
In this exhibition, the audience are invited to collaborate with the artists, as ceramicists Mel Robson and Suzi Lyon curate a series of happenings in the gallery and throughout the community.
The immediately tactile nature of clay, and its ability to be easily formed and manipulated, makes it a democratic material that is being used to shift the focus away from the artists themselves and onto the process of making as a means of discovery, expression and interactive engagement.

The Lofty Art and Performance Night
Friday 5 December 6pm
The LOFTY award is unlike other art awards; it is awarded to an individual acknowledging their contribution to community through their practice and recognises those who play a role in the ‘ever evolving creative culture' of Central Australia. Whilst the award is given to an individual, it is the broader community who ultimately benefits from the acknowledgement, encouragement and mentoring of those involved in creative enterprises. The LOFTY winner is offered a free exhibition at Watch This Space in 2013. Oh, and there is also a $1000 cash prize. There will be a special night of performances and celebrations and announcing of the 2014 Lofty Art Award Winner.


A Fabulous Volunteer Opportunity

Helper at Opening Night Functions

Would you like to support your local artist-run initiative? Do you enjoy meeting new people? Are you free on a Thursday or Friday night once a month?

We are seeking a committed and friendly person to help out at opening night functions. This is a fabulous way to meet new people interested in the arts in Alice Springs.

The task:
Be available, on time and reliable one evening a month from 5-9pm.
Assist with serving drinks, displaying food on platters and cleaning up.
No special skills or qualifications are necessary, simply a willingness to help out and ability to take direction and work as a team.

To apply, simply contact Alice via email wts[AT] or phone 8952 1949 and if possible please provide your CV.

The Lofty Art Award Winner
We warmly congratulate Kieran Finnane as the 2013 Lofty Award winner.

Kieran is an accomplished writer and journalist, and has reviewed countless exhibitions in our region providing a consistent and much needed critical analysis.

As Craig San Roque mentions in his nomination of Kieran for the award, “she has, over more than 20 years, consistently written on, commented upon, encouraged and reviewed Central Australian arts events. Her work has been intelligent, culturally informed, critical and constructive, and by its very consistency has provided local artists with a much-needed reflective mirror. Her quiet presence at events and her incisive, often fearless and also compassionate reviews have encouraged many of us, and offered critique of a high standard that we as local artists rarely experience. Her eulogy piece on Pam Lofts stands as a vital part of local history and testimony to Lofty.”

And from the judges Dan Murphy, Stephen Williamson, Leo Ortega and Shrike O’Malley:
“ Overall it was felt that Kieran had the strongest claim of this year’s nominations. This is due to her direct contribution to Watch This Space through writing many exhibitions held there and inviting people into this community arts space by articulating the philosophy behind a community arts space, giving coverage to emerging as well as established artists, and giving serious meaning to art shown at Watch This Space (and at other venues in Alice Springs) and opening up this dialogue with a broader audience through her articles on line and formerly in printed form.

Her reporting and documentation of cultural events in Alice Springs over a long period has produced a very valuable record of the richness of arts in this town, and through her own arts practice (poetry and prose) she has produced a body of work that is of and about this community.

Kieran has honoured and confirmed Watch This Space as a critical and serious cultural space in this town through her writing. Congratulations to Kieran as the 2013 Lofty Award recipient, and thanks to the people who contributed nominations to this year's awards and to the other artists considered for this year's award!

Kieran will be awarded with a $1000 cash prize, the opportunity to have an exhibition at WTS here at no cost and a beautiful trophy has been made by Julie and Steve Vincent (below).

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Past Exhibitions

Art or Cunning?
The artists are Sia Cox, Dan Murphy, Julie Taylor, Sarah Pirrie, Yvette King,
Meredith Turnbull, Louise Owen. Curated by Alice Buscombe.

Read the review by Kieran Finnane

This is a major exhibition of contemporary sculpture, and includes works that evidence the ‘maker’ or artist’s hand. The artists were chosen as they are concerned with both the process and craft of art-making and the curatorial premise of their works.

Kelly-Lee Hickey, Jason Japaljarri Woods, Drew Moynihan, Dave Nixon and Nicky Schonkala.
Exploring ritual, transformation and shifting ideas on how we, the audience, engage with contemporary art. Curated by Alice Buscombe, Leo Ortega and Pip McManus. Click here and here to read the reviews of Shift

Young Curators The Young Curators program brings together students from across Alice Springs to learn about exhibition design, development and display.
Read the review & see photos by Lauren Fitzgerald, ABC Alice Springs

Common Threads: The Junction of Art and Craft Nicky Schonkala
Read the review by Kieran Finnane.

The Grass Is Always Greener Jade Walsh
Post, Darling Sophia Moseley
Read the reviews

Artist Wants A Life A Unique Arts lab run for artists, by artists. a ten day arts lab located in a bush setting outside of Alice Springs in April 2012. Read more and see the documentary.