Art or Cunning?

Group Exhibition


This exhibition is all about showcasing contemporary sculpture and profiles seven local and interstate artists work. Here you will see works that evidence the ‘maker’ or artist’s hand.

The artists were chosen as they are concerned with both the process and craft of art-making and the curatorial premise of their works. Interwoven are contemporary themes about the world we live in and role of the artist within this.

The artists are Sia Cox (Alice Springs, NT), Dan Murphy (Alice Springs, NT), Julie Taylor (Alice Springs, NT), Sarah Pirrie (Darwin, NT), Yvette King (Melbourne, Vic), Meredith Turnbull (Melbourne, Vic), Louise Owen (Southern Highlands, NSW).


  1. skill employed in a shrewd or sly manner, as in deceiving; craftiness; guile.
  2. adeptness in performance; dexterity: The weaver’s hand lost its cunning.
  3. showing or made with ingenuity.
  4. artfully subtle or shrewd; crafty; sly.
  5. Informal. charmingly cute or appealing: a cunning little baby.
  6. Archaic. skillful; expert.

Curated by Alice Buscombe. Proudly sponsored by the Northern Territory Government through Arts NT.




6pm, Friday 30 August


30 August - 29 September 2013