Elliat Rich


An exhibition by our 2017 Lofty Winner, Elliat Rich.

Artifact is an attempt to reconnect with the memories of our collective cells to inform a creation story for Watch This Space. It’s an offering of a new way to think about the beginnings as a community, told through the seeding of a myth. 

"Artifact is a temporal response to and sharing of my ongoing research for Designing Mythologies. 

The opening will be a time to share the experience with others, the following day I’ll put it into context of the bigger project (Design Mythologies). I’m interested in what you think of it. Where does it resonate? Or doesn’t. What is it missing? Did I skew something in the symbolism? Have you seen the invisible plain?"

We hope to see you there for the Opening and Offering; recognising, supporting and celebrating this important artist in our Central Australian community.



Elliat Rich is based in Alice Springs, Central Australia. She works across a broad-spectrum of design for a diverse client base, remotely, locally and nationally. Her practice covers cross-cultural resources, exhibition design, public art and furniture, product development, one-off exhibition and limited run objects.

All projects align with an ethical imperative to increase equality between people and across species.

Rich completed her Bachelor of Design at the College of Fine Arts, UNSW with first class honours in 2006. In 2014 her and her partner launched Elbowrkshp, a studio, retail space and workshop that they share with other creative professionals.

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6pm, Friday 9th Nov


3pm, Saturday 10th Nov


7 - 24 November 2018