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WTS’s gallery and outdoor space (JBird's Place) is open to the community to hire throughout the year. As we are a small not-for-profit orginsation there are a number of conditions which must be met in order to hire the space for events outside of our Creative Program. Hirer’s must also be aware that exhibitions and other contemporary art programs will take priority over community and private events.

Hire fees for 1 Day (3-12 hrs) for EACH space:

  • For-Profit Organisation: $200

  • Not-For-Profit Organisation & WTS Members: $150

  • Bond: $200

Extras (per day):

  • Use of Projector: $30

  • Cleaning fee: $200

  • WTS Staff wage: $30/hr

For more information please download our Hire Agreement to see full list of conditions and details.

Download Hire Agreement




Hirer must:

  • Obtain adequate insurance for the event. A copy of the Certificate of Insurance MUST be provided to WTS in order to hire the venue.

  • Obtain a Liquor Licence for the event if alcohol is to be served. A copy of the Licence MUST be provided to WTS.

  • Provide at least one toilet facility for event Attendee use

  • Hire at least one security guard from 6pm until end of event

  • Organise own PA system and sound technician

  • Pay WTS Staff if they are required during the event, set up or pack down.

  • Provide their own bar staff and ensure ALL bar staff have valid RSAs

  • Clean venue at the end of the term of hire and maintain the venue in the condition it was in at the commencement of the term of hire


JBird's Place at George Crescent, 2016

JBird's Place at George Crescent, 2016


JBird’s is WTS’s outdoor venue, beloved by the local Mparntwe/Alice Springs community and adored by all who visit. It is rough, it is vibrant, it’s seen good days, it’s seen bad days, but most importantly it can be transformed into an amazing dynamic space with energy and love poured into it.

JBird supports the WTS artistic community by holding WTS-driven projects, as well as supporting the wider community for their artistic and cultural events.  It has seen an array of events: from local primary school theatre performances to huge LGBTQ Pride Carnivales! In 2015 JBird’s acquired a professional stage and large projection screen, making it equipped for small and large performances and events.

The previous home of WTS at George Crescent was found by the sculptor, JBird, who died tragically in 2004. The outdoor venue space was named in her honour, with the back area at our new, current space continuing this memorial. Thank you for finding us a home for all those years, JBird.


Banner image: Opening of the space at 8 Gap Rd & Belly exhibition, 2017. Photo credit: Peter Raftos