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Thurs 4 Oct. 6pm.


Museum of Intimate Memories

Kelly Lee Hickey

The Museum of Intimate Memories offers audiences the opportunity to liberate their keepsakes. Premiering as part of WTS's Free BBQ Cash Giveaway festival in 2014, the tiny pop-up Museum has since toured to Woodford folk festival, collecting and sharing dozens of people's memories along the way. In 2018 the Museum will return to its birthplace in Alice Springs, to celebrate 25 years of creative history at WTS.

The Museum of Intimate Memories Show and Tell Party will provide a community forum to showcase and share the collective history of Alice Springs arts and culture as experienced through Watch This Space. Community members are invited to bring their art, artifacts and memorabilia from WTS events and exhibitions to a Show and Tell party at the gallery, with these objects acting as a launching pad for a storytelling open mic.

Objects and their stories will be documented by storyteller Kelly Hickey and visual artist Zoya Godorja-Prieckaerts, who, together, will create a commemorative poster catalogue celebrating 25 years of WTS.


@ WTS. Free.


As part of the 2018 WTS Program