Dave Crowe

Alice Springs-based songwriter/producer Dave Crowe performs and produces music under the name Resin Moon, as well as producing music and sound for many Northern Territory musicians and arts projects.

He has written music for the U.S feature film Grounded, and international T.V shows Akward and Made in Chelsea. He has also penned major TV ad campaigns for Mitsubishi, Australia Post, Medibank, Olive Grove (U.S) and Tourism NT and is currently works with Gaga Music Publishing.

As an artist, he has twice won the NT Song of the Year (2013, 2016), an Australian Independent Music Award, and placed 3rd in the International Songwriting Competition. 

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Kelly Lee Hickey

Kelly Lee Hickey was raised on the sweat soaked wetlands outside Darwin and has made her home in the dusty red heartland of Mparntwe/Alice Springs since 2008. An artist and creative producer, her practice explores the intersections between people and places, through collaborative and participatory works including festivals, performance, publication and installation.

Her work has been published and performed in Australia, China, Finland, New Zealand, Indonesia and Germany, with recent projects include Local Knowledge, Vessels for Stories and the Museum of Intimate Memories. Her current work is located within the climate justice movement, and explores place making and creative responses to climate change.

She is currently undertaking a Masters by Creative Research at Victoria University.

Image: Local Knowledge Sunset Cruise Photo Credit Anna Cadden.

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Portait Of A White Man (2017) - Artefact of embodied performance process.jpg

Jonny Rowden

Jonny Rowden is a British-born performing artist who relocated to Alice Springs in 2015. His work has spanned theatre, performance art, and performance installation, often using humour, food and soundscapes to create delicate, interactive, and sometimes intimate performance experiences.

Recently, Jonny’s concerns have shifted towards identity. He has begun to scrutinise and unpick the social, cultural and technological structures that prop up his privilege in the Western cultures. Using writing and semi-improvised performance he reflects the positions and responsibilities he occupies within this matrix, which will remain an ongoing concern within his artistic practice.

Artwork: Portrait of a White Man (2017) - Artefact of embodied performance


Beth Sometimes

Pakeha artist Beth Sometimes works in diverse arts-based roles, alongside a personal arts practice comprising a multitude of scales and mediums. She usually works socially, also maintaining a practice spanning sculpture, drawing, painting, photography, sound, performance and music. She has been involved in multiple exhibitions, performances, installations and recording projects in addition to publishing comics and books. Beth was the gallery manager of Watch This Space ARI in 2011 and currently sits on the curatorial committee.

From 2016-2018 Beth initiated and produced Apmere angkentye-kenhe with local Arrernte people and Watch This Space, an artist-led social project exploring language, power and place. Beth also works in numerous ways with Pitjantjatjara and Arrernte languages and cusodians as an interpreter, translator and facilitator, including co-teaching Pitjantjatjara and working with NPY Women’s Council as part of the Uti Kulintjaku team.

Beth has recently completed an MFA by research through VCA, Melbourne. She is committed to working in ways which expose or attempt not to replicate the modes of success or shapes of power that continue to oppress various groups, be that via race, class or gender. She embraces artistic practice as a vital method by which to build and reshape communities, construct and challenge identities and rearrange social imaginaries.


Mimi Catterns

Belle Moody_curly 2018.jpeg

Belle Moody

Belle Moody is a psychologist and artist living and working in Mparntwe / Alice Springs. Belle employs visual mediums such as painting and woodcutting to examine identity formation, displacement and human relationships to nature. 

Belle has had work exhibited in Tasmania and Alice Springs.


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Our 2018 Creative Program supported…


Dave Crowe

Steph Harrison

Sy Browne

Xavia Nou

Edward Gould

Belle Moody

Suzi Lyon

Elliat Rich

Alex Pye

Alex Kelly

Kieran Finnane

Jennifer Taylor

Madeleine Krenek

Frankie Snowdon

Jonny Rowden

Zoya Godoroja-Prieckaerts

Sandrine Frapier

Danny Lopez

Elyse Constable

Tessa Snowdon

Betty Sweetlove

Kelly Lee Hickey

Mogahid Ahmed


Michael Lindsey

Hannah Ekin

Jorgen Doyle

Beth Sometimes

Al Bethune

Cy Starkman

Craig San Roque

Fiona Walsh

Sue Grant

Josh Davis

Mimi Catterns

Pip McManus

J9 Stanton

Franca Barraclough

Sue Dugdale

Brandy Alexander

DJ Don’t Argue


Al Bethune (NT)

Lucy Parakhina (TAS)

Emma Collard (NT)

Cecile Galiazzo (NSW)

Priscilla Beck (TAS)

Zoya Godoroja-Prieckaerts (NT)

Lydia Cohen (UK)

Kiki Albury (NT)

Lisa Kunoth (NT)

Sharona Kunoth (NT)

Christine Kunoth (NT)

Shabella Rambler (NT)

Caspar Connolly (VIC)

Grace Pickford (VIC)

Chips Mackinolty (NT)

Elliat Rich (NT)

Belle Moody (NT)

Billie Rankin (TAS)

Clare Powell (TAS)

Olivia Nigro (NSW)

Owen Kelly (NSW)

Bobbie Bayley (NSW)

Magic Steven (VIC)

Plastic Loaves (VIC)


Anna Dakin (UK)

Holly Macdonald (VIC)

Frankie Snowdon & Madeleine Krenek (NT)

Cecile Galliazzo (NSW)

Tom Fry (NT)

Phoebe Beard (TAS)

Lucinda Kennedy (VIC)

Henry Copas (NSW)

Paula Mahoney (VIC)


Emma Collard

Hannah Muir

Alex Kelly

Tamara Cornthwaite

Dave Crowe

Beth Sometimes

Jonny Rowden

Hannah Ekin

Kelly Lee Hickey

Caddie Brain


Annual Zine Fair
17 artists

Practicing The Social: the art of community panel discussion
Beth Sometimes (NT), Danny Butt (VIC) & Kate Just (VIC)

Annual Lawn Sale
Supported by 8CCC Community Radio, The Goods Coffee Shop & Du Yu Coffee
+ 39 stall holders

Poo Party
Community fundraiser for an accessible toilet

Better Together exhibition for World Environment Day
Partnership with Arid Lands Environment Centre
+ 21 artists

The Writing On The Wall public notice board
Beth Sometimes, Phoebe Beard, Harry Copas

Apmere Angkentye-kenhe
WTS supported the financial administration of the project in 2018, and provided in-kind support by offering space for meetings and working bees.

Building Walls / Desert video
Samaya Wives, GUTS, Zoya Godoroja-Prieckaerts, No Mono



Our 2017 Creative Program supported...


Mel Matveyeff

Bridgid Fitzgerald

Debris Facility

Rod Moss

Wendy Cowan

Judy Brumby

Naomi Kantjuriny

Anawari Mitchell

Pantjiti Lewis

Margaret Smith

Maringka Burton

Katelnd Griffin

Sally Mumford

Eramaya Albrecht

Ira Gold

Marlene Rose Firkin

Christopher Brocklbank

Yoana Mynah

Lelep Wighton

Blair McFarland

Joshua Santospirito

Suzi Lyon

Georgie Igoe

Chris Ng

Kimberley Zeneth


Karine Tremblay

Hannah Hall

Maggie Gleeson Briscoe


Cam Candy

Gretel Bull

Mela Melankolia

Carmel Vandermolen

Jennifer Taylor

Catherine Phillips

Nancy Wilson

Esther Nunn

Alice Springs Town Council Youth Action Group

Jeff Tan

Heather Jensen

Madeline Bishop

James Langer

Leela Schauble

Zoya Godoroja-Prieckaerts

Clare Jackson

Tessa Millerick

Beth Sometimes

Claire Capel-Stanley

Melissa Hunt

Lorrayne Gorey

Margaret Boko

Lisa Twomey

Aoife Milson

Elliat Rich

Golda Rich

Stephanie Day

Susan Gourley

Theia Connell

Grace Herbert

Joseph Burgess

Mervyn Rubuntja

Doris Kngwarraye Stuart


Mel Matveyeff

Lisa Stewart

Rachel Feery

Frankie Snowdon

Madeleine Krenek

Tara Samaya

Kelly Beneforti

Alice McIntosh

Nell Pearson

Susan Gourley

Elisa Carmichael

Kristen Coleman

Robert Hope-Johnstone



Peter Raftos

Dave Crowe

Edward Gould

Joaquin Hourbiegt

Beth Sometimes

Emma Collard

Dord Burrough

Jeff Tan

Hannah Muir

Kelly-Lee Hickey


Alice Sings Pop Choir
Edward Gould & Dave Crowe + 60 community members

Apmere Angkentye-kenhe (A Place for Language)
Beth Sometimes, Arrernte language experts and traditional custodians, Batchelor Institute, Akeyluerre Healing Centre, Children’s Ground, the Alice Springs Library & the Alice Springs Language Centre + wider Mparntwe/Alice Springs community/language learners

An Act Of Showing ARI group exhibition in Melbourne
Exhibited artwork by Pamela Lofts

Shiny Party Fundraiser / Community Market / Performances
Edward Francis, Alice Sings Pop-Choir, Ash Steel, Apakatja, DJ Drazic's GF, Cutlery

Consequences Workshop
Kerri Meehan & Alex Ressel

60,000 Artists Fundraiser and Climate Change awareness
Arid Lands Environment Centre

Facts On The Ground Reading Groups
Hannah Ekin & Jorgen Doyle

Violet Sunset Presentation
Kim Mahood

Full Disclosure Spy offsite installation
Wide Open Space Festival

ART Talks
Jacquie Chlanda, Jennifer Taylor & Jonny Rowden

Ideas Incubator 2.0
Community programming session for the 25th Birthday Celebrations in 2018

Magic Hour @ Coles Carpark exhibition in Hobart for HOBIENNALE
Beth Sometimes, Harry Hayes & Zoya Godoroja-Prieckaerts

Discursive Noticeboard Public Art
Hannah Ekin & Jorgen Doyle