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The space between us

Cecile Galiazzo

Cecile Galiazzo recently undertook a residency at Watch This Space. During this time she was experimenting with paper dyeing using local native plants.

Of her current practice she says –

I am interested in the human emotional response to landscape and the significant role that “place” plays in our life. Milestones and experiences are (for me) framed by places and relationships in which they happen. In 2016, I spent 10 months in Alice Springs, considering that which we all/will experience – sorrow and joy, separation and unification, life and death. The space between opposites – absence and presence, is a place I am exploring. What lies between skin and bones, heart and breath, sea and desert, the land and sky, my culture- your culture? The space between us, gaps and parallels



6pm, Friday 20th July



18 - 21 July 2018