ZINE FAIR 2018 online.jpg

Zine Fair

Open to anyone & everyone

It's that time of year again when everyone in town is madly scribbling, scrunching, folding and photocopying to get their self-published beauties out into the bustling space that is the WTS Annual Zine Fair.

So what's a zine?
By definition: "a magazine; especially : a noncommercial often homemade publication usually devoted to specialised and often unconventional subject matter" (thanks Merriam Webster).
That is, it can be a self-published story, comic, poster, single-page drawing, open letter, photo journal, flip book, brochure, postcard - the list goes on! Let your imagination run riot because we want to hear and see the inner workings of your curious brain.

Contact us at the gallery wts@wts.org.au to arrange to make use of the Watch This Space photocopier, "Big Ric", and other facilities when compiling your work.


4:30-7:30pm, Thursday 19th April


until 12pm, Saturday 21st April 2018
(just before our AGM starts!)