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WTS 2018 AGM

Do you, valued community member, take thee, WTS, to be your local artist run initiative, to visit and enjoy, from the AGM (or earlier) forward, for exhibitions, for gigs, for artist talks, for performances, in fundraisers and at parties, to love, support and make, ‘til the next calendar year according to WTS’s membership policy?

Then you should totally come to our AGM!

Come and enjoy a recap of our crazy past 12 months, renew your vows/memberships, sign up if you’re new to town or just want to be an awesome local, re-elect our Board, maybe even join our Board, and enjoy the pleasures of contributing to art and the beautiful community that is Mparntwe/Alice Springs.

Food provided.
All welcome.
New members encouraged.


12pm, Saturday 21st April 2018


Want to become a Watch This Space Board Member?
You’re in luck.
We’re currently accepting nominations!



Prospective WTS Board Members must:

  • Be a WTS Member (membership is $35/year – you can become a member online)
  • Live in the Northern Territory
  • If nominating others: make sure you have confirmed their interest and commitment to the nomination



Email an expression of interest to by Monday 26th March.


  • Your full name and contact details (phone, email, postal address)
  • Your interest in the organisation
  • A brief bio (max. 200 words)



 Attend our 2018 AGM on Saturday 21st April, 12pm at the gallery, where:

  • You will learn what is required and expected of you as a Board Member

  • You will see the fun and exciting aspects of being involved in an Artist Run Initiative
  • WTS Members attending the AGM will vote on all the nominees, re-electing the WTS Board for 2018-2019

So send us a nomination and we’ll see you at the AGM!


What does being a Board Member involve?


Artist Run Initiatives are about people, about who is prepared to do what. We are not in a place where there’s a major arts institution pouring out energetic young artists to support an initiative like this. But we’ve had terrific public support in the past and we’re look forward to that continuing. Artist-run spaces do come and go, but I don’t think this one should [go], because it contributes so significantly to the cultural life of Alice Springs.

– Pam Lofts, artist and founding member




If you are interested in joining our Board, these are some responsibilities we expect of you:



As stated in the WTS Constitution, Board Members must be Financial Members of the organisation (membership is $35 for one year – see membership form for details).



Be aware of current and upcoming WTS events and projects. This is not only for your own knowledge, but so you can share with others what is happening at the space.



WTS Board Members should see themselves as ambassadors for the space. Always advocate for and be supportive of the organisation to members of the community.



It is an important requirement that Board Members are professional during their involvement with WTS. This includes, but is not limited to, reading relevant documents prior to meetings if required, punctuality, commitment to tasks, as well as the following expectations…



Always let the Coordinator know if you can or can not attend a meeting.



The WTS Constitution states that a member can be suspended or expelled if absent from more than 3 consecutive committee meetings.


Banner image: Photo of Frankie Snowdon performing at the 2017 Lofty Awards Night. Photo credit: Emma Collard