The only contemporary experimental art space in Central Australia, Watch This Space (WTS) has played a critical role in the creative ecology of Mparntwe/Alice Springs over the past 24 years. Watch This Space is a catalyst and conduit for conversations and experiments in the always-evolving languages of art. It supports contemporary art dialogue in the region both inside and outside a gallery space, encouraging, nurturing and promoting Central Australian and visiting artists. It is an ARI hub where studio artists and exhibiting artists intersect, housing a diversity of creative practices.



Create opportunities for local artists’ work to be discovered and made visible through hosting contemporary art exhibitions.

Provide opportunities for local, interstate and international artists to enrich the artistic and cultural life of Alice Springs through the delivery of
high quality contemporary art activities.

Foster an inclusive creative community of artists who share skills and experiences with each other by accessing the onsite gallery and studio space. 

Offer professional development opportunities for artists including artistic/cultural collaborations and skills development.

Nurture the full breadth of contemporary art activities including multi-disciplinary art forms, new media and installation work.






Our 2017 Creative Program supported...


Mel Matveyeff

Bridgid Fitzgerald

Debris Facility

Rod Moss

Wendy Cowan

Judy Brumby

Naomi Kantjuriny

Anawari Mitchell

Pantjiti Lewis

Margaret Smith

Maringka Burton

Katelnd Griffin

Sally Mumford

Eramaya Albrecht

Ira Gold

Marlene Rose Firkin

Christopher Brocklbank

Yoana Mynah

Lelep Wighton

Blair McFarland

Joshua Santospirito

Suzi Lyon

Georgie Igoe

Chris Ng

Kimberley Zeneth


Karine Tremblay

Hannah Hall

Maggie Gleeson Briscoe


Cam Candy

Gretel Bull

Mela Melankolia

Carmel Vandermolen

Jennifer Taylor

Catherine Phillips

Nancy Wilson

Esther Nunn

Alice Springs Town Council Youth Action Group

Jeff Tan

Heather Jensen

Madeline Bishop

James Langer

Leela Schauble

Zoya Godoroja-Prieckaerts

Clare Jackson

Tessa Millerick

Beth Sometimes

Claire Capel-Stanley

Melissa Hunt

Lorrayne Gorey

Margaret Boko

Lisa Twomey

Aoife Milson

Elliat Rich

Golda Rich

Stephanie Day

Susan Gourley

Theia Connell

Grace Herbert

Joseph Burgess

Mervyn Rubuntja

Doris Kngwarraye Stuart



Mel Matveyeff

Lisa Stewart

Rachel Feery

Frankie Snowdon

Madeleine Krenek

Tara Samaya

Kelly Beneforti

Alice McIntosh

Nell Pearson

Susan Gourley

Elisa Carmichael

Kristen Coleman

Robert Hope-Johnstone



Peter Raftos

Dave Crowe

Edward Gould

Joaquin Hourbiegt

Beth Sometimes

Emma Collard

Dord Burrough

Jeff Tan

Hannah Muir

Kelly-Lee Hickey


Alice Sings Pop Choir
Edward Gould & Dave Crowe + 60 community members

Apmere Angkentye-kenhe (A Place for Language)
Beth Sometimes, Arrernte language experts and traditional custodians, Batchelor Institute, Akeyluerre Healing Centre, Children’s Ground, the Alice Springs Library & the Alice Springs Language Centre + wider Mparntwe/Alice Springs community/language learners

An Act Of Showing ARI group exhibition in Melbourne
Exhibited artwork by Pamela Lofts

Shiny Party Fundraiser / Community Market / Performances
Edward Francis, Alice Sings Pop-Choir, Ash Steel, Apakatja, DJ Drazic's GF, Cutlery

Consequences Workshop
Kerri Meehan & Alex Ressel

60,000 Artists Fundraiser and Climate Change awareness
Arid Lands Environment Centre

Facts On The Ground Reading Groups
Hannah Ekin & Jorgen Doyle

Violet Sunset Presentation
Kim Mahood

Full Disclosure Spy offsite installation
Wide Open Space Festival

ART Talks
Jacquie Chlanda, Jennifer Taylor & Jonny Rowden

Ideas Incubator 2.0
Community programming session for the 25th Birthday Celebrations in 2018

Magic Hour @ Coles Carpark exhibition in Hobart for HOBIENNALE
Beth Sometimes, Harry Hayes & Zoya Godoroja-Prieckaerts

Discursive Noticeboard Public Art
Hannah Ekin & Jorgen Doyle




Banner image: The 2017 Lofty Awards Night. Photo credit: Emma Collard