Wednesdays. 6pm.
8 Aug. 19 Sept. 24 Oct.



Curated by Kieran Finnane & Jennifer Taylor

With ARTalks WTS offers a forum for reflection, challenge and future direction in local arts practice. Curated by artist Jennifer Taylor and arts writer Kieran Finnane, the series of three talks, with accompanying visual presentations, will gather critical thinkers around intercultural themes, of particular relevance to artists in Central Australia. 

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WeD 8 Aug. 6pm.

WED 19 Sept. 6pm.

WED 24 Oct. 6pm.

This first session explores reflections from artists practising in Central Australia who have roots in Aotearoa / New Zealand on how the different history of intercultural relations in their native country has  affected what they have brought with them to The Centre and how it has influenced their practice.

@ Red Hot Arts. Free.

Look at how cultural memory is reflected in the public space – what has been effaced, what has been privileged, what is the scope for artists to intervene?

@ WTS. Free.

A discussion from artists and arts workers, Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal, on how they are mutually influenced by one another in their work, reflecting on how they negotiate this potentially contentious area – what are the pitfalls, what are the possibilities?

@ WTS. Free.


As part of the 2018 WTS Program