Wednesdays. 6pm.
15 Aug. 19 Sept. 24 Oct. 21 Nov.



Curated by Kieran Finnane & Jennifer Taylor

With ARTalks WTS offers a forum for reflection, challenge and future direction in local arts practice. Curated by artist Jennifer Taylor and arts writer Kieran Finnane, the series of three talks, with accompanying visual presentations, will gather critical thinkers around intercultural themes, of particular relevance to artists in Central Australia. 

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Wed 15 Aug. 6pm.

Award winning Alice Springs architect Sue Dugdale will present on Architecture, Urban Anxiety and Cultural Divergence. Sue first delivered this talk at the recent AIA national architecture conference.

Urban anxieties and cultural differences are examined through the microcosm of an Alice Springs architectural practice. Alice Springs has a suburban fringe but this is not where its edges lie.  Knives, exit plans, a swamp and a science fiction-posed paradigm offer insight and a framework for review of recent public and commercial projects from the SDA team, in particular the CBD Revitalisation, an urban renewal project .

@ WTS. Free.

Wed 19 Sept. 6pm.

Reflections from artists practising in Central Australia who have roots in Aotearoa / New Zealand.

Beth Sometimes and Suzi Lyon will present on how the different history of intercultural relations in their native country has affected what they have brought with them to The Centre and how it has influenced their practice. 

@ Red Hot Arts. Free.

Wed 24 Oct. 6pm.

Mind Your Own Stories:
Cultural memory in place

This presentation is about seeing, feeling, loving places, sites, (mythic) stories that hold cultural memory, luminosity, instruction. No matter where in the world, the creative human hand makes or the human hand destroys.
In August 2017, Craig San Roque, Miriam Pickard, and Fiona Walsh performed in Greece (Santorini) 'Persephone’s Heart'  . This was an interpretation of the Persephone story derived from performances at the Ilparpa quarry (2015) and Hele Crescent shed (2016).

Indigenous people of Central Australia hold sites, memories and Altyerr/Jukurrpa. Creating not destroying.  Other Australians support, share and learn with them. 
With her ethno-ecologist eye open, Fiona photographed in Delphi and Eleusis which are key sites of the Persephone epic.
This artist's talk is to share our learnings from the trip to Greece where echoes of Australia reverberated and were infused by long experiences of Indigenous sites and a little knowledge of Altyerr/Jukurrpa.
We each are from a European cultural lineage. However, our world view is profoundly shaped by Indigenous Australian people and their ways.  This creates a fertile space between us.

@ Red Hot Arts. Free.

Wed 21 Nov. 6pm.

Working across difference: power, privilege and the unknown unknowns

Over the past twenty years  Alex Kelly  has worked on a diverse range of intercultural projects, from the Jabiluka blockade to the Irati Wanti campaign and arts and film projects including Ngapartji Ngapartji, Queen of the Desert, the Namatjira project, Coniston, This Changes Everything and most recently, KIDS (working title).

For this ARTalk Alex will explore issues arising from these projects relating to power, control, authorship and representation.

@ Red Hot Arts. Free.


As part of the 2018 WTS Program