Richard Kean, Carla Liesch, Kate Williams & Hayley Megan French


The white cube as a fixed entity exists no more. It demands reinvention as an open, unbound space in which the spectator is witness and creator. It is in this arena that our play unfolds.

A play in three acts.

Act One
The scene is set. Four painters come together in the gallery space to collaborate as a social practice, for and with the community. Materials are sourced (scrounged, bartered, borrowed or bought) locally.

Act Two
Complication. The work evolves collaboratively without preconceptions or plans.
Conflicts arise, problems present themselves, the space asserts its immutable logic.

Act Three
Climax. The audience is admitted. People move through the space and among the work, becoming part of the installation and its evolution. The work attains unity or dissonance.

* A Brechtian concept that discourages involving the audience in an illusory narrative world and in the emotions of an artwork, but instead exposes the mechanics of performance allowing the viewer to critically and consciously engage with the complete experience of an artwork.

7:30pm, Friday 8th March – Casual ideas exchange and dinner in the gallery

Saturday, 23rd March (exhibition last day) open 10-2pm

From 1st – 23rd march drop into Watch This Space… be part of the artist’s creative process or see works in development




6pm, Friday 15 March


15 - 23 March 2013