7-9 Sept.


Fractal  Spirals  in  a

domestic  Universe

Franca Fractal Spirals promo 2018.jpg

Franca Barraclough

Fractal Spirals in a domestic Universe is an ephemeral sculptural installation piece consisting of the arrangement of hundreds of Western domestic household items/ and their cleaning counterparts, directly on to a outdoor earth surface in two interconnected spiral patterns. 

Colonial setters to central Australia have imported an enormous infrastructure of stuff to maintain a certain domestic lifestyle in a desert environment wherein once life had a simplicity without waste and lived close to the earth and nature. By placing these European domestic items directly on the earth I’m emphasising the cultural contrasts between settler-colonial and traditional First Nations people’s way of living in this environment. This work seeks to emphasis the interconnectedness of two seemingly disparate worlds by arranging the man-made items in golden spiral patterns from nature. The marvellous spiral occurs everywhere in nature from sea shells and snow flakes and flowers to hurricane weather patterns and spiral stars clusters to name a few. 

Also in our domestic lives these never-ending patterns can be found; simple patterns and processes, repeated and expanded scaling up to sophisticated system found in contemporary society. There are complex patterns of order to be found in a seemingly chaotic world. Fractal Spirals in a domestic Universe installation connects our ecosystems and our social and cultural systems through patterns of nature. 


@ ilparpa claypans. Free.

Official opening with Live Music & performances
Fri 7 Sept. 7pm.

Sat 8 & Sun 9 sept. 9am - 9pm.


As part of the 2018 WTS Program