Free BBQ Cash Giveaway

Free BBQ Cash Giveaway (FBCG) is the mini-arts festival with added incentive. Three weeks of Alice Springs DIY creativity.

FCBG features new creative work from a diverse group of local and interstate artists. You can get involved too. Collaboration and experimentation permitted.

FCBG is the love child of Elephant Island (Alex Hullah and Josh Davis) and features almost every genre of performance art:
Kelly lee Hickey erects a Museum of Intimate Memories, Sia Cox performs textile art with Cleopatra’s Dress, Nat Rat brings the dance fight happening Lord Nonia, Bat Hazzard and a 5D bat cave performance, Drazic’s Girlfriend grooves, Hen Walker installs mini sculptures, Aime Lou creates meat pinatas, Saskia Folk grinds cars in half live!

And more … Culminating with a giveaway auction and Viking funeral pyre.

For more information and the online program: http://www.freebbqcashgiveaway.com






5 - 28 September 2014