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Insoluable Courts

Clare Powell & Billie Rankin

A quest for emotional and terrestrial catharsis, Insoluble Courts is a textual and cinematic transposal of queer desire onto public spaces at two disparate points of Australian landscape. Centring on public sporting arenas, courts, and associated facilities, Hobart-based artist Clare Powell and writer Billie Rankin will explore the boundaries of sport assemblages as retinues for non-normative performances.

As a documentation from Tasmania towards central Australia, presented work will forge dialogues between internalized emotional environments and the wider Australian narrative of “commons”.

How do these barriers change when perspective shifts?
What is unveiled when our initial birds-eye-view is transcended with physical interaction?

How may boundedness facilitate something beyond itself?

Insoluble Courts complicates our notions of home/away, enclosed/open and shared/contested through interactions with various sporting arenas, presenting work in the form of video alongside both written and spoken text. Each evening event will include video screening, spoken word and an opportunity for local artists and writers to share their own prose work.  


A spoken word and video event in three parts:

11th, 12th & 13th of July

“game, set, match”


6pm @ Watch This Space’s The Pantry