Light Stand For Nothing

Gabriel Curtin



5:30pm, Thursday 2nd May


1st - 17th May, 2019


My friend told me if you press your ear to gum trees at certain times of day you can hear them drinking, which was funny because it wasn’t the first time I’d thought about being on the inside of a stem. Once I put the aperture of a green sound hose to my eye and my friend put the opposite opening over their eye and we looked each other right in the pupil down the green tube. It felt fresh and organic, like a sapling sprouting in time lapse. Another time I stretched blue tarpaulin over a gap in the wall so the rain wouldn’t come in and ruin the wood we’d just stained. It tinted the whole vestibule blue. I know its dark in there, inside the trunk, but I picture it illuminated as though bark is tarpaulin. In that way, I suppose the only difference between capillaries and a stem is the colour. Light filters in and the mood follows suit.

Gabriel Curtin is an artist and writer.