Mind Frames

Russel Lilford


In this solo exhibition, Lilford explores his connection with and experience living and working in the Northern Territory for fifteen years. These paintings reflect Lilford’s ongoing interest in human emotions, culture clash and the search for meaning in contemporary life.

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After living and working in Darwin, Northern Territory as an artist, art lecturer, art co-ordinator and printmaking workshop manager, this exhibition started out as a reflection of Lilford’s overall art experience in the Northern Territory. It then turned into revelation in understanding the image making process.

As the artist explains:

As I worked on this exhibition, a sense of awareness began to emerge through the practice of making art. This awareness I believe transcends a cultural reality pertaining to myth. I began to see in my attitude to painting something I’d observed in many of the Indigenous artists I’d worked with over the years – the idea that culture provides the foundations for creative and artistic expression in all peoples.

In his paintings, Lilford situates a multi-layered visual language that incorporates meaning and myth to translate an emotional presence in the works. Lilford’s paintings speak of his cross cultural experiences in the Northern Territory, his indelible memories and enduring cathartic state that continues to permeate and resonate through all aspects of the artist’s life and art.




6pm, Thursday 4 July


5 July - 9 August 2013