Artist Contingent: Strike 4 Climate

On the 3rd of May WTS will be taking part in the Climate Strike.

We strongly encourage all other arts organisations and independent artists across the country to join us in solidarity. Add your name to the document here and strike this coming Friday 3rd May.

We, the undersigned artists and arts workers, offer our support and stand together with striking students to call for immediate political action to address climate change and add our voices to the call for climate justice.

On May 3, 2019, artists across Australia strike in solidarity with the global climate strike led by young people across over 100 countries. We recognise that this third major climate strike must be bolstered by a general strike of all members of our global communities, and so we come together as an artists’ and arts workers’ contingent (although we are also teachers, students, parents, carers, hospitality workers, among many other things).

We recognise that the precarity, inequality, alienation and co-option of art and artists by neoliberal capitalism are interconnected with the political forces that have driven us to this urgent moment of worsening climate impacts. We are subjected to the same dehumanising systems and corrupt leadership that have prioritised corporate greed over public good. Artists join the call for an urgent realignment of policy and action to create a safe, healthy and just future for all.

We recognise the role of both artists and young people in creating bold new imaginaries - of imagining new futures into existence. We come together at the Student Strike 4 Climate to acknowledge that climate damage is affecting all of us right now; and we support the call for a general strike that reflects the urgency and vastness of the climate crisis.

We echo students' demands in the lead up to the 2019 climate election:
- All parties commit to stop digging, burning and exporting coal.
- 100% transition to solar and wind energy by 2030 at the latest.
- Stop the Adani coal mine.

We also demand an end to and refuse to partake in artwashing - the unethical instrumentalisation of the arts by companies that support the extraction and burning of fossil fuels.

See full presentation of Practicing the social

Presenters: Beth Sometimes (Watch This Space); Kate Just (Victorian College of the Arts); Danny Butt (Victorian College of the Arts). 

More info on the session here

Big thanks to George from the VCA mob who came up for the presentation for filming this for us. A great panel discussion about a rising art form.

An Act Of Showing

Rethinking Artist Run Initiatives through Place

These past months we have been part of the making of and conversation around an important exhibition curated by Annabelle Lacroix. The exhibition features works by ARIs all over Australia and we are very proud to be exhibiting along side them, together and strong. Artist Run Initiatives have an important place in the art world, creating spaces for innovation and passion that are not always afforded in commercial galleries. This show talks about the influence of place on ARIs, one we feel has a very strong impact on our Mparntwe/Alice Springs space. For the exhibition we are exhibiting a photograph by one of our beloved founders, Pam Lofts, whom our end of year Lofty award is named after. In front of the photograph sits the yellow mwekarte (hat) you may have seen around town, created for Apmere Angkentye-kenhe / A Place For Language.

Beth Sometimes has written a powerful essay that sits along side the work.Read it here

An Act of Showing (title) - image Elwyn Murray .png

Our 2017 Program

We are so excited about the year ahead at Watch This Space!
The art, the artists, the community, the projects – they’re all going to be great, they’re all going to be here in Mparntwe/Alice Springs, and we can’t wait to show you! So here’s a sneak peek at what’s to come…


Music by our very own studio artist, Resin Moon
Artists featured in video and part of our 2017 Creative Program:
Theia Connell
Grace Herbert
Susan Gourley
Robert Hope-Johnstone
Rachel Feery
Lisa Stewart
Gabriella and Brent Wilson
Alice McIntosh
Nell Pearson
Mel Matveyeff
Madeline Bishop
Leela Schauble
James Langer
Elisa Carmichael
Joseph Burgess

And a whole bunch more! Stay tuned…

2016 Lofty Winner

Watch This Space is thrilled to announce the 2016 Lofty Award Winner

D O R I S     K N G W A R R A Y E     S T U A R T


Doris was honoured at the Saturday night event with special speeches presented by Kieran Finnane, Beth Sometimes and Dan Murphy. Kieran Finnane has penned this articlewith more thoughts and information about her significant contributions: a worthwhile read in understanding the ecology of the arts in Mparntwe and the particular political stance Doris brings to her life work.

A huge congratulations and thank you to Doris for all her incredible work

LOFTYS Line-Up Announced

Our saucy MC for the night

✖   F L A N G I P A N I


made by our very own Chairperson

✖   Dan Murphy


Beloved Previous Lofty Winners

✖   Renowned Arts Writer, Kieran Finnane

✖   Multi-disciplinary Artist, J9 Stanton


✖   Sooji Kim & Dave Williams


performing with a secret sexy someone…

✖   The Not Real Cowboys – Lonesome Twosome


✖   E d w a r d    F r a n c i s    ( D J s e t )

✖   D J     S e ñ o r     P á t o

The Loftys, 2014

The Loftys, 2014