Akiq AW & Friends

This is not the first time I travel to different country. But it’s a first time I make ‘a stop’ to feel and experience the life in different world. Meeting new people with a new way of doing things is like a constant negotiation, defining your own border and guessing other’s.

This exhibition is about these borders. The term ‘border’ refers to a conceptual line that divides or separates multiple aspects that exist in social life; i.e. private from public, rural to urban, us from them, necessary to disposable, lawful from criminal. ‘Borders’ exists in different shapes and manifestations; they may be a system of signs or a spatial arrangement, and they live in our consciousness, a collective understanding and social agreement.

This project asks people to show and draw their own ‘personal border’ through a map, photographs, videos, painting, installation, or a collection of things that can represent the idea about this border

Presented in partnership with Artback NT: Arts Development & Touring as part of the International Artist In Residence (AiR) Program, Asialink and Cemeti Art House. 





6pm, Friday 6 June


6 - 21 June 2014