Emma Collard_'seen from here and just out there'_video still.jpg

Seen from here and just out there

Emma Collard

Seen from here and just out there is a live performance/sculpture that has been made in and around Watch This Space, with the threshold of 8 Gap Road as the context for the work.

Squint out the window.
On Arrernte land in here and out there. 
Can I be a part of here across the road on top of a ladder if the ladder is blue?
3 nurses cover their cars in blue.
A person in blue sits at the hospital.
Can you stand-in for me? While I look at
a blue dog walking past.
Walk to the servo to get a meat pie and an 80 cent coffee together.
Wash the windows each morning.
Can we move fast so that we can see ourselves?
How many people in town are wearing a sky blue mwekarte?
How far away are they? 
One hat sits at The Goods.
Come back in the daylight. 
Too many blue cars
park side by side.
Crop in.
Watch that from here but then back there. 
If you stand on your tip toes out the back it’s a great view of the carwash.

Gestures are a part of the installation and recordings have been edited into the installation.



3-5pm, Saturday 30th June



27 June - 14 July, 2018