Kelly-Lee Hickey, Jason Japaljarri Wood, Drew Moynihan, Dave Nixon & Nicky Schonkala


At 6pm on Friday, 31st August Watch This SPACE will officially launch Shift, an exhibition that’s part of the Alice Desert Festival 2012.

This is a unique exhibition examining ritual, transformation and shifting ideas about how the audience engages with contemporary art.

It includes selected works by contemporary practitioners working with screen-based, performance and mixed media works. Alice Buscombe, Pip McManus and Leo Ortega have curated this exhibition and participating artists include Kelly-Lee Hickey, Jason Japaljarri Woods, Drew Moynihan, Dave Nixon and Nicky Schonkala.

Dave Nixon and Nicky Schonkala will present an experimental, collaborative work that combines physical, acoustic and visual storytelling. Andrew Moynihan’s installation work draws on the art of storytelling passed down through generations of his family, as he explains “my trade is poetry, stemming from the seanchai, the storyteller, essentially an age-old profession of my Irish ancestors.” Moyinhan uses mixed media elements including printmaking, drawing, sculpture and digital media. Jason Japalarri Woods, in association with Paw Media, draws on traditional storytelling methods to present two very contemporary animations.

Kelly-Lee Hickey’s work in this exhibition is part of a new body of work exploring memory and transformation. Hickey is well-known local poet and participant in Watch This SPACE’s Artist Wants a Life program (a unique, two-week arts lab held in a bush location near Alice Springs) held earlier this year.

Don’t miss this contemporary art exhibition at Watch This SPACE.

Part of the Alice Desert Festival 2012





6pm, Friday 31 August 


31 August - 22 September 2012