2-4 Nov.


The Attempts

Madeleine Krenek & Frankie Snowdon

As a performative action, Attempt #1 is an experiment in how we can simultaneously challenge perceptions of the value of our time and test our capacity as artists to make something from inception to completion, in a completely collaborative process, within the framework of a 48-hour period.

Attempt #1 is an open call out to any professional level artist, of any discipline, to arrive at a specified time and work to deliver a fully realised outcome by the following evening. What this outcome is, is part of the journey, which will inevitably bring up questions around the validity and importance of “the very first idea”, embracing potential failure and the potential and power of the collective endeavour.

The public is invited to see the finished work and will be asked to contribute an amount they believe their experience and our time was worth at the culmination of Attempt #1 - collectively, the artists will decide what this money will be used for.

Ultimately Attempt #1 is an offering of how we might begin to approach our practice and perhaps our world a little differently, an experiment in investment versus expectation, and a celebration of our diverse and talented artistic community. 


Start: Fri 2 Oct. 7pm.
Finish: Sun 4 Oct. 7pm.
@ Wts. Free.

Presentation / Performance OPEN TO public
Sun 4 Oct. 7pm.
@ Wts. Pay What It's worth.


As part of the 2018 WTS Program