The Blue Hour

Preview of a Body of Work

Emma Stuart

One night only. The Blue Hour is the time of transition from night to day. Emma Stuart vividly captures the fleeting and liminal light in the river red gum trees using oil on linen.

The Blue Hour is the twilight and the dawn. It reflects a change in energy and consciousness.With landscapes of oil on linen, Emma Stuart captures the liminal shift between light and shade, between what is revealed and what is hidden, between the point of focus and distorted peripheries.
In the works, the tree is used a symbol of strength and faith, an anchor of sorts that survives in a variable and erratic river system.  It holds both dynamisms through its root system and its branches.

The Blue Hour is Emma Stuart’s most recent and continuing body of work. The paintings are based around a series of reference photographs taken in the Todd River and its tributaries between Alice Springs and the Telegraph Station.

Stuart left her home in Berlin to be in the desert and to be fully immersed in the works evolution. As a seasoned visitor of over 20 years to Outback Australia, to Stuart this environment holds a force not experienced anywhere else. The deep human history and current cultural complex are just as much a part of this energy as is the physical landscape.

As the paintings have evolved so has her insight of self, solitude, and connections with people and place.

Music on the night by Eminé and Special Guests





6pm, Thursday 13 November


13 November 2014