Things I learnt From Grey Nomads - A Year On

Aoife Milson

‘Things I’ve Learnt from Grey Nomads – a year on’ is an account of an exploration I had around Australia in 2014. Whilst roaming in mostly remote areas we fell in to and more often than not, excluded from to the social scene and prominent sub-culture of the Grey Nomad. The often 50+ year age gap was felt strongly on our adventures and the show is a tribute to some of the more poignant interactions we had along the journey.


Grey Nomads are the budding fruit of the retiree tree. They’ve sold up everything to go ‘on tour,’ have their ‘adventure before dementia,’ because after all ‘home is where they roam.’ You’ll come across a mixed bag of people ‘spending their kids inheritance, one kilometre at a time’, but they are all of a similar ilk, with similar stories to tell and certainly a bounty of advice to impart.

The return drive back in to Alice Springs, passing the Tropic of Capricorn certainly cemented for me that this town seems to be an absolute haven for the travelling, carefree retiree. The bank up of over 8 caravans all vying for a cheap stay reminded me that, they are an inescapable, funny and knowledgeable breed that deserves respect and kudos for adventuring at arguably the most fragile times of their lives. They are here in Alice Springs and dotted in almost every national park, recreation area, sunny spot, chilly spot, at the end of rugged 4WD tracks and lined up along the bitumen exchanging tips and more areas to be discovered. Each hydraulic house on wheels better than the next, and each ultimate 4WD without a speck of dust fanging it to unknown locations. Some lucky oldies having made it round the country up to 6 times are old hands (no pun intended) at whatever stage of ‘relaxation’ we were at on our trip.

They taught me that life is short. In return, I give way to their mobile monstrosities in the Coles car park.

Aoife Milson is an Alice Springs based artist originally from Sydney. She uses the parallel of the real and imaginary to filter her general confusion about life and its bigger intentions for her. The introduction of humour to her work is an attempt to be funny, I guess. Amongst other themes, she explores love, fornication, evolution and religion in her art practice.



6pm, Thursday 10 September


10 September - 1 October 2015