This must be the place...

A Watch This Space Digital Archive

Alexandra Hullah

Many things have happened in the desert in the name of art, or perhaps more aptly, the lines between art and life in Alice have been a little blurry… Sometimes we’ve been lucky enough to have a camera on hand, sometimes not. You won’t see this on an ad for “Do the NT”…

This must be the place… will be a digital archive and web platform, an underground history that documents the often ephemeral, chaotic happenings and creative projects that have been a part of the imagination and living memory of Alice Springs.

The archive will draw on the wealth of documentation material from WTS projects and exhibitions and more broadly in the Alice Springs community; presenting interviews, photography, audio and video recordings of artist talks, exhibitions and performances from projects such as  Free BBQ Cash Giveaway Festival, Kieran Finane’s  The Fertile Space Between Us presentation series, Craig San Roque and friends’  Persephone’s Dog... with contributions from Pam Loft’s slide collection and material from Watch This Space artists and friends. The archive will be launched in time for the Lofty’s in November 2018.

This will be an on-going project that will provide a way of going backwards and forwards into the stories that are part of this place - or as Dan Murphy has said on occasion - “walking backwards, in our dreams, into the future”.


LAUNCH of archive
Sat 24 Nov @ The Loftys.
@ WTS. Free.
Archive Accessible via WTS Website. Free.


As part of the 2018 WTS Program