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Violet Sunset

Presentation by
Kim Mahood

Pamela Lofts left an extensive and multi-faceted legacy. The establishment of Watch This Space was part of that legacy. Another thread was the co-creation, with Kim Mahood, of Violet Sunset, a female adventuress and traveler who traipses among the masculine myths of the interior, searching for an inland sea that is sometimes present and sometimes absent. 

The adventures of Violet Sunset were documented in the exhibition 'Obscured by Light', a photographic narrative conceptualised by Pam, with text by Kim, which opened at Araluen in February 2012. Pam died of Motor neurone disease in July 2012.

Five years on, Kim Mahood will present the story of how Violet came into being, using images from her own and Pam's photographic record. Reflecting very different artistic practices and points of view, Violet refused to conform to either artist's notions of what she represented. In the end she is a testament to art, friendship, and the enduring power of the country to work its magic.


6:30-8pm, Tuesday 5th September 2017